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UK Series 1

Three framed watercolours on paper – each 20 x 15cm   Clovelly Rooftops: Part of a small postcard series that I did – remember when

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Sky, Sea, Sand

I loved this little watercolour so much I have completed a much bigger one, that was inspired by this little piece. Also painted in hotel

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WA Beach

Painted this while in quarantine after arriving back in Western Australia, and just wanted to get to the beach.

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Talmont France

I’ve visited Talmont a couple of times and it is a beautiful village, these fishing huts(carrelets) are part of the charm of this beautiful village.

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Dark Seas

Another painting from hotel quarantine – just playing with colour and trying to make clouds. It’s actually painted on a postcard. You can buy small

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This painting is one of my favourites and currently is on the wall above my art desk. I painted it in France from a real

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The Iris flower is one of my favourite and I have painted it and drawn it in a variety of mediums.

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I did this after I did Abstract 1,2 and 3 to see how different surface would work with the flow art. It’s not a perfect

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